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1- Sign up

To display your vehicle, you must create a customer account from the registration page. You will be able to choose the type of account according to your situation, either particular or dealer. Simply enter your information to create your account and you will have access to your customer area. 

2- Display your vehicule on our plateforms

Once your account is created, you will be able to go to the "ADD A VEHICLE" section which will allow you to fill in all the relevant information about your vehicle that will be displayed in the file of your vehicle. 

Then, when all the information is filled out, you will be directed to the section to choose the display package that is best for you. You will be able to see the many advantages of each package and choose one according to your needs. The packages offered are adapted according if you want to transfer your lease quickly or if you are not in a rush.

3- Manage and promote your ad

You can change the information you entered when you added the vehicle at any time and you can add an unlimited number of photos from your Customer Centre under the "MY VEHICLES" section.

In addition, once your vehicle is posted, you can purchase promotional options to increase the visibility of your ad on our site or on the various social media. In this way, you will considerably increase the pool of future lessees interested in taking over your lease.

4- Communicate with potential buyers of your lease

Keep an eye on your emails and calls regularly since you can be contacted at any time by a potential lessee! That way, you won't be able to miss any offers from a potential lessee.

When you think you have found a potential buyers, we suggest you meet with them for a test drive and if both parties are satisfied, we suggest you make a lease agreement according to the terms that both parties will have determined together.

5- Transfer your lease

When the lease transfer is offcialized and the buyer of your lease has taken possession of the vehicle, don't forget to go to your Customer Area and click on I have transferred! A mention will appear in your vehicle's description that you have transferred your vehicle.