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To view your vehicle, you must create a customer account from the registration page. You will be able to choose the type of account according to your situation, either individual or dealer. Simply enter your informations to create your account and you will have access to your customer area.


Go to the "ADD A VEHICLE" section where you will be able to fill in all the relevant informations about your lease. You will then be directed to the section for choosing your signage package. You will be able to see the many advantages of each package and choose one according to your needs. The offered packages are adapted to your situation.


You can modify at any time the informations you've entered when you added the vehicle from your Customer Centre under the "MY VEHICLES". Furthermore, at any time you can also purchase promotional options to increase the visibility of your ad on our site or on the various social media. In this way, you will considerably increase the pool of future interested buyers.


Keep an eye on your emails and calls regularly since you can be contacted at any time by a potential lessee! When you think you've found a potential lessee, we suggest you to meet them for a road test and if both parties are satisfied, we suggest you to make a lease termination agreement according to the terms that both parties will have determined together.


Once the lease transfer is formalized and the lessee has taken possession of the vehicle, don't forget to go to your Customer Area and click on "I've transferred"! A mention will appear in your vehicle's file that you have transferred your vehicle.



A lease transfer is when you lease a new motor vehicle and want to transfer your lease to another person.
As long as the lease contract does not expire, the contract can be transferred.

There are several interesting advantages to transferring your car lease:
- You can change vehicles more often
- You can choose a vehicle according to your needs for a specific period of time.
- You can take advantage of payments that may be lower.
- This allows you to dispose of your vehicle without having to break the contract and pay the balance.
- You are going to work or study abroad and you don't know what to do with your rented vehicle and you don't want to pay large sums to get rid of it? The lease transfer is for you!

Generally, car manufacturers charge an administrative fee when transferring a lease. However, this administrative fee is much lower than if you wanted to break your contract. In this case, you would be required to pay the full amount of your contract before returning your vehicle.

There are several advantages to taking over a car lease:
- Sellers often offer an attractive financial incentive in cash to sell their car lease
- You can change vehicles more often.
- You can take advantage of the few months remaining in the contract
- You can take advantage of the low mileage of the vehicle

Yes ! when you publish your vehicle, you can buy new display options at any time!

Unfortunately, no. In such a case, we suggest that you take our trial package and add blocks of time before your ad expires.

Congratulations! You have given up your rental contract! Don't forget to click on "I transferred! "in the "my vehicles" section.

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14 day free trial for new users


Transfer my lease

Trial package

This package includes:

  • Posting your ad for 1 month

This package allows you:

  • One month trial display package! This package is ideal for those who want to test the lease transfer market.
  • You can purchase additional options at any time in your customer area under the "displayed vehicles" tab.

Intermediate package

This package includes:

  • Posting your ad for 4 months
  • Your 7-day ad featured on our site
  • 1 appearance of your ad in the newsletter

This package allows you:

  • 4 month display package! You can purchase an additional block of display time at any time! Take advantage of some of the benefits of this package!
  • You can purchase additional options at any time in your customer area under the "displayed vehicles" tab.

Unlimited posting

This package includes:

  • Unlimited display of your ad
  • Your 7-day ad featured on our site
  • 3 appearances of your ad in the newsletter
  • Publication of your ad on Lease it Express social networks

This package allows you:

  • Take advantage of the unlimited display package. Your package will be valid until your contract is transferred!
  • You can purchase additional options at any time in your customer area under the "displayed vehicles" tab.

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